Day #1: Major Confession

Before I share my confession, I just want to say that today was a wonderful first day! I woke up energized and spent the afternoon outside playing with my sweet dog Savannah! She definitely gave me a workout! 

Ok, so here is my confession: I have a serious addiction to SUGAR! 

If you are thinking it can’t be that bad, let me just share with you what I ate today. I woke up and had a bowl of fruit loops, during my group sessions at IOP I ate 3 packs of those Lance cookie crackers with the peanut butter (uh, so good), when I got home I ate a bowl of fresh strawberries, then indulged in the vast supply of sweet treats the Easter bunny left behind! We’re talking Jelly Beans (which are made of sugar, corn syrup, artificial flavor, bees wax, and dye) , Robin Eggs (my FAVE), Butterfinger Eggs, Reeses Eggs, ohmygosh the list goes on and ON! 

Disclaimer! Please do not follow my diet! It is outrageously Unhealthy! You will gain 40 lbs in four months! I’m warning you, do not try this! 

So, though I would Love to say that tomorrow my new absolute is NO SUGAR, I know that I would be setting myself up for failure. This is something I do not want to do. I must stay motivated and set attainable goals! This will help me focus on areas I really am improving and push myself even further!

For now, my absolutes remain: 

WATER 64oz (minimum)

WORKOUT (10min minimum)


Getting ready for Day #2 and heading to bed! See you guys tomorrow! 



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