That You May Win

Run in such a way that you may win.” -The Apostle Paul

These words were sent in a letter to the church of Corinth for-e-ver ago, but are used to this day to inspire my heart, my whole life.

Though, I have never given myself the title, I’m a runner… If you’re one of those who think runners are “overachievers” or just “crazy”, let me elaborate. I am not a particular fan of running as a verb. However, what I seek and desire from each running experience is to push myself further than I know my body can already take. I desire the way I feel when I’m done. I enjoy the discipline and consistency.

As I push myself to run harder and faster each time, I learn from that experience and apply it to every area of my life. It produces strength in every spiritual, emotional, physical and mental way.
So I’ve decided to share with you the beautiful places God has given me to exercise all of my strengths and the thoughts He whispers through my mind to push me through every time.

Each post you find in the “Running Free” category will simply consist of photos taken directly before, during or after my run accompanied by a thought or two that came to mind when I felt like giving up. My prayer is that each of these posts will inspire you all in some small way to know that no matter who you are, where you’re from, how misunderstood, out-of-place, or unqualified you feel, you too have the ability to and were created by God to… run free.

My 1st mile run since late Sept. 2010... Felt. So. Good. (Explanation: I have not been well. Posts about this coming soon.)

My second day running, 8:00am... .8mi ... It amazes me how quickly strength disappears when you quite feeding it a challenge.

The road to these two runs... 10 beautiful minutes of hills & trees.

Run Free.


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